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Hundreds of Cans of Beer Rain Down on a Denver Highway

No one was injured, thankfully

Terry Ross/Flickr

Raining beer may sound like a fantastical dream, but yesterday in Denver it actually happened: A semi-truck hauling beer across an overpass overturned, spilling thousands of pints of beer onto the highway — and the cars — below, KDVR reports.

Dashcam video from another vehicle shows the truck falling on its side and slowly screeching to a halt as cars below swerve in an attempt to avoid being pelted by the raining beer cans. (The beer in question was Miller Genuine Draft, says KUSA.)

Traffic was backed up for miles and it took a cleanup crew several hours to clear the roadway, but thankfully there were no reported injuries. And now, a moment of silence for dozens of ill-advised drunk texts and hangovers that will never be.

With thousands of trucks transporting food and beverage across U.S. highways everyday, the occasional accident is inevitable. Earlier this year two trucks carrying potato chips and beer collided on a Florida highway, creating a sad, soggy traffic jam.

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