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Former Reality TV Star Jon Gosselin Is Now a Cook at TGI Friday's

From 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' to endless mozzarella sticks

"How long do I cook these potato skins again?"
"How long do I cook these potato skins again?"
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

For those who have never seen the TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8, quick! It's not too late to turn back. For the rest of us: OMFG Jon Gosselin is now responsible for feeding people endless appetizers.

According to Page Six, the scorned father of eight recently began working as a cook at a TGI Fridays in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Gosselin became an instant villain in the minds of the general public when he divorced wife Kate in 2009, seemingly leaving her to raise sextuplets and twins while he hit the party circuit hard — so folks are now clearly enjoying a bit of schadenfreude thinking about him sweating it out over a deep-fryer full of mozzarella sticks.

Gosselin tells Entertainment Tonight — in an all-caps EXCLUSIVE, mind you — that the Fridays gig is just a part-time gig "to help out a buddy"; he reportedly donates his paychecks to charity. His full-time job is DJing, but sadly you won't find him tearing up the decks in Ibiza: He has a residency at a club in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, a town decidedly not known for its hot nightlife scene.

Meanwhile, wife Kate and the kids continue to reign over the unusually wholesome sort of reality TV peddled by TLC with their long-running show, now simply called Kate Plus 8, so it's safe to say they don't need any of that TGI Friday's cash.

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