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Having Failed at Basketball, the Philadelphia 76ers Are Now Making Wine

It's an attempt to remember the franchise's good times

Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers haven't been a model NBA franchise in recent years. They've been intentionally awful since 2013 in an attempt to acquire young talent at the top of the annual NBA Draft. But that experiment was recently scrapped, leaving the team in a sort of limbo (and probably still pretty bad). Faced with the prospect they might never be good again, the 76ers are turning to other pursuits.

The franchise is unveiling a series of wines meant to pay tribute to the good years when the Sixers actually won trophies, reports Sports Illustrated. The first to be released, a red blend, honors the Philadelphia team that claimed the NBA championship in 1983. The "Banner Series," which will include two more blends that honor championships in 1967 and 1955, is being produced in partnership with Pennsylvania's Chaddsford Winery.

The Sixers' debut wine offers notes of raspberry, black cherry, black pepper, and oak, according to Chaddsford, and it apparently pairs well with beef, "chips snacks," pizza, and pasta. If you're a Philadelphia basketball fan who wants to celebrate the good times while drowning your current sorrows, this wine is being sold for $24.99 a bottle. Ten percent of the proceeds go to the Sixers Youth Foundation, a non-profit that's "committed to coaching and mentoring young people in Philadelphia and Camden to be the next generation of leaders and innovators."

Only time will tell whether the Sixers' wine can match that of former Miami Heat and current Chicago Bulls superstar Dwyane Wade.

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