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KFC and McDonald’s Targeted by Anti-U.S. Protesters in China

It's all about an international dispute

Flickr/Robert Ennals

When a country’s international territory disputes don’t go as planned, it’s only natural for people to protest. For many in China this week, those protests were directed at American fast food chains, GMA Network reports.

After an international tribunal in the Netherlands sided with the Philippines in its determination that China does not have sovereignty over the South China Sea, some nationalists in China elected to blame the United States, and in doing so, chose to boycott prominent symbols of America, specifically global fast food behemoths Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s, Consumerist reports.

KFC has a significant presence in China with around 4,600 restaurants, after opening its first location in the country nearly 30 years ago. People crowded outside about a dozen of the chain's locations, sporting banners with slogans such as "Get out of China, KFC and McDonalds," and "Boycott the US, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. Love the Chinese people."

The US is seen as an ally of the Philippines in this oceanic dispute, making it (and its exports) an easy target for nationalists. People have reportedly lashed out against another symbol of American influence: Mashable reports cases of people smashing iPhones in protest.