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This Pub's Dogs-Only Menu Even Includes Beer

Yes, another restaurant with a menu for canines

Somebody get this dog a beer, stat
Somebody get this dog a beer, stat
University of Liverpool FHLS

Does eating kibble 365 days a year get old? One Scotland restaurant has come to rescue dogs from culinary mundanity: At Glasgow pub the Winged Ox, chef Steve Martin has launched a menu exclusively for customers' dogs, STV reports.

The menu includes a lamb burger with rice, poached fish with scrambled eggs, and, for the most finicky of pups, a cut-up hot dog minus the bun. Martin says they serve around 15 to 20 dog meals a day on average.

The pub was already dog-friendly, giving out bowls of water and treats to patrons who showed up with their four-legged friends, but the chef wanted to take things a step further: "I heard someone say they wanted to stay for a meal and a pint, but had to go home because they needed to feed the dog," he tells STV. The pub even serves dog "beer," though it contains no alcohol (it's actually made with beef or chicken stock).

The Winged Ox certainly isn't the first establsihment to bend over backwards for its four-legged customers: London recently hosted a three-course brunch pop-up for dogs, and Berlin has a gourmet deli catering exclusively to pets.

Not a dog person? There's now also feline-friendly (non-alcoholic) wine, because after a long, hard day of napping and licking themselves, sometimes a cat just needs to unwind.