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Stephen Colbert's Livestream of the RNC's Condiment Station Is Two Hours of Saucy Zen

Almost as riveting as Melania Trump's speech

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Stephen Colbert has made a career out of trolling politicians, but he's ramped things up a notch in honor of the Republican National Convention. First, there was that surprise speech he delivered dressed as a Hunger Games character before being escorted offstage by security. Then, last night, he dedicated actual CBS resources to providing a two-hour live feed of all the action at one of the convention's condiment stations.

That's right, 120 continuous minutes of navy suit pant-clad butts lining up to squirt ketchup and mustard on their hot dogs, along with a few instances of gross napkin abuse. (Seriously, who needs 12 napkins to eat a damn hot dog?)

Watch: Yeah, it's pretty much just two hours of that.

The real question here is: Are those bottles of Heinz ketchup and mustard? (Current Secretary of State John Kerry (and one time Democratic Presidential hopeful) is married to Teresa Heinz, heir to the condiment fortune.) Or did they opt for the decidedly inferior Hunt's ketchup, which some Trump opponents have accused the politician of using?

The Late Show then solicited ideas via Facebook for what else they should livestream during the convention: fan suggestions included "the local khakis shop," the aptly named "white elevators" (which have since been renamed), and "wherever it is [attendees] go to pick up hookers."

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