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Watch Gabrielle Hamilton Prepare a Decadent Sardine Sandwich

'It has personality'

Gabrielle Hamilton loves sardines. She's already on record as being a fan of the fish's fried spines as a snack, and now she's showing off the process for making her open-face sardine sandwich. The recipe is in Hamilton's Prune cookbook, and in this video from Mind of a Chef, she explains how it comes together.

Hamilton uses fresh sardines from Maine, and she admits they might not be the most popular fish. "They're quite big; not everybody's fish, for sure," she says in the video. "Yeah, it's dark and oily. It has personality."

But, the sandwich appears to be a dream for anyone hoping to consume as many superfoods as possible. In addition to the sardine filets, it includes almonds, avocado, grape seed oil, and olive oil. Parsley, red onion, and mint are added, and the whole dish is served on a slice of crusty, day-old bread, which soaks up plenty of the oily dressing. Even those who are skittish at the sight of sardines must admit this sandwich is a beauty.