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McDonald's Japan Customers Are Lovin' Pokemon Toys

The stock saw its biggest daily gain ever

Olivia Harris/Getty Images

For McDonald's Japan, Pokémon toys are apparently the equivalent of all-day breakfast — according to recently released sales numbers, at least. Bloomberg reports McDonald's Japan saw shares jump as much as 23 percent after it began including Pokémon figurines in its Happy Meals last Friday.

The launch of Pokémon Go in Japan has been delayed; according to Bloomberg, "the server capacity in the country is not powerful enough to keep up with expected demand." In the meantime, the only way for the Japanese to get in on the worldwide phenomenon in Japan has been to head to McDonald's for a Happy Meal toy.

But that will change on Wednesday, according to the Wall Street Journal: Tomorrow, the fast-food chain will participate in the hit game's launch in Japan "and will make its restaurants key locations for players."

Rumors have recently surfaced that McDonald's had secured a similar partnership with Pokémon Go in the U.S., which would effectively turn all McDonald's American restaurants into PokeStops or gyms. (A Nintendo spokesperson wouldn't confirm those rumors with Eater.) While domestic sales have benefited greatly from last fall's all-day breakfast launch, a Pokémon Go partnership would likely lead to another big boost.

The company's Japanese arm certainly needed the increased sales: Last year alone, McDonald's Japan lost a whopping $300 million.

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