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Is Your Stomach a Liberal or a Conservative? And More Food News

Five things to know today


Happy Tuesday. Planning any summer roadtrips? This guide to essential restaurants across 23 North American cities may just prove useful.

In more food news today: Do you eat like a Republican or a Democrat?; another rapper-turned-restaurateur; how to eat your way through Queens; and Starbucks is ramping up its employee benefits.

— Is your stomach conservative or liberal? Based on customer ordering data gleaned from GrubHub, this quiz from Time determines whether your appetite leans Democrat or Republican. (Thankfully, your brain will be responsible for the actual voting come November.)

— Rapper 2 Chainz is also a budding restaurateur. According to Eater Atlanta, he's opening a lounge/club called Escobar Restaurant & Tapas (presumably named for the notorious Colombian drug lord and/or the Netflix series he inspired) in the city's Castleberry Hill neighborhood.

— More than 100 different languages are spoken in Queens, and that means the New York City borough is also home to a ton of different cuisines. Here's a handy Saveur guide to eating your way through the neighborhood's markets, from a Thai grocery to a Yugoslavian-run meat market.

— Starbucks baristas will soon have more options when it comes to health insurance. The coffee giant is switching over to a private health insurance exchange in October, meaning employees will be able to pick from several different insurance carriers and plan options from an online marketplace. At the same time, the chain is also giving a majority of its U.S. employees a raise of at least five percent — and many of its drinks just got more expensive.

— Finally, should you be drinking broth instead of coffee?