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Watch Gordon Ramsay Brave Icy Waters to Hand-Dive for Scallops

One of the chef's favorite foods

We've seen shouty chef and mobile video game star Gordon Ramsay catch catfish by hand in Oklahoma, and now he's on a similar adventure in Dorset, England. In this video, Ramsay dives into the frigid English Channel waters in an attempt to pluck some scallops by hand.

"I adore scallops, and I've served them on most of my menus," Ramsay says in the video. "But most of them are fished on a commercial scale using dredging, which can damage the seabed. The sustainable way to catch them is to go diving and pick them up by hand."

Diving for scallops is no day at the beach. Ramsay and his partner must plunge into water that tops out around 40 degrees, and low visibility makes it quite difficult to even see the crustaceans, let alone catch them. The tough conditions are part of the reason why hand-caught scallops are so much more expensive than those caught by commercial operations. Are they worth it?

"Ten-times better to use hand-dived, and not dredged," Ramsay says. "And I'd rather pay double for hand-dived than cheap, dredged scallops that taste of grit."