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The All-Emoji-Menu Trend Continues to Gain Momentum

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Everyone speaks emoji, right?

The Little Yellow Door

Another day, another restaurant releasing a menu consisting of nothing but emoji to describe the dishes. This time, it's The Little Yellow Door in London, which takes the idea to a new level by combining emoji and comic sans on its menu.

With a few educated guesses, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out the dishes listed in that Instagram post. It looks like there's some sort of poultry sandwich with bacon, tomato, and avocado; a beef sandwich with mushrooms, onion, and rocket (arugula); and poultry salad with bacon and avocado. Since the two poultry legs are listed at different angles, perhaps one is chicken and the other is turkey? But which is which? And are the sandwiches actually served on baguettes?

Emoji menus have previously shown up in hip locales such as Brooklyn, and Pizza Hut recently released an all-emoji menu in the United Kingdom. What a time to be alive.