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20 Years of Magnolia Bakery; The Best Chefs Use Handmade Knives

Five things to chew on right now


Congratulations on making it to Friday. Magnolia Bakery — of Sex and the City and cupcake fame — turns 20 this month, so Eater NY looked back on all of the biggest moments of its lifespan, including its expansion oversees, cookbook deals, and that time Carrie ate an innocent cupcake covered in pink frosting on a bench outside the West Village shop. Meanwhile, ever wonder what it's like to have lived near the original location for its entire existence? Eater NY critic Robert Sietsema shares 20 years of Magnolia Bakery memories.

— Yelp is now helping Pokémon Go players hunt Pokémon. Because of course it is.

— Did you know Massimo Bottura, of Osteria Francescana fame, known as one of the best chefs in the world, almost became a lawyer instead of a chef?

— Last year, when Chick-fil-A nixed its coleslaw and replaced it with kale salad, many thought it would be a short-lived menu experiment. In the past few months, thousands of fans have petitioned the company to bring the coleslaw (recipe here) back. But Chick-fil-A says the kale salad is more popular, and it has no plans to put the coleslaw back on the menu.

— Wrigley Field is about to sell a Chicago-style deep-dish hot dog pizza hybrid this year.

— Finally, why the best chefs use handmade knives: