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Perfecting Backyard Ribs with a True Meat Master

Meathead proves it's all about the rub

Backyard ribs are a must-have at any summer cookout, but a lot of pressure comes with manning the meat. Today, our friends at ChefSteps team up with a bonafide rib master to learn his tips and tricks to making perfect ribs every time.

Co-founder Grant Crilly is joined by Meathead Goldwyn, cookbook author, "barbecue whisperer," and producer of A ChefSteps kindred spirit in the art of "understanding the hows behind the whys" when it comes to home cooking, Goldwyn is full of knowledge when it comes to rib preparation. Among his best tips shared in this video? A demystification of rubs. The store-bought variety are often expensive and predominantly made of salt; making rubs from scratch, sans-salt, is both cheaper and more effective. Sprinkling the ribs with salt first helps engrain the meat with flavor, while finishing with the rub yields a smoky, bark-like exterior.

Watch part one of the segment above, and follow along with the recipe here; then tune in next week for part two, where Crilly and Goldwyn try to recreate outdoor barbecue flavor in an indoor kitchen.

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