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Taco Bell's Newest Crunchwrap Is Basically the Size of a Toddler

And the chain's loyal fans are psyched

Taco Bell/Facebook

Never content to rest on its cheesy, tortilla-wrapped laurels, Taco Bell just unveiled its latest menu monstrosity: an absurdly large "Triple Double Crunchwrap."

Like pretty much everything else on the menu at Taco Bell, this is simply a newly repackaged combination of the standard ground beef-plus-cheese-plus-tortilla formula: In this case, the chain has taken its popular Crunchwrap — basically a tostada shoved inside a soft taco — and added another layer to it. (There's also a spicy version that comes adorned with jalapeños and fiery ranch sauce.)

And Taco Bell's die-hard loyalists are taking to the internet to express their unbridled enthusiasm over this new launch: "I want this in my mouth. I want to wear it like a hat. I want to cry on its shoulder and tell it about my day. I want to go on long hikes with it," one Facebook fan expressed.

Business Insider points out that members of the r/tacobell forum on Reddit even pondered late-night "tailgating," or hitting up their local 24-hour locations promptly at midnight on launch day to get their hands on the extra-large Crunchwrap before anyone else. Surely consuming that amount of meat, cheese, and tortilla just before bed will lull anyone into a deep and dreamless fast-food coma — and for a mere $3.49, at that.

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