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Watch: The Story of One Woman's 43-Year Pie Dynasty

Good pie doesn't take a day off

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Bessie White teamed up with her sister Velma to start a Saturday farmers market in Cortez, Colo., 43 years ago. Proving that she's dedicated to her commitments, White has been showing up every single Saturday, with the exception of just one, for the last four decades. The market has become a showcase for White's fruit pies, as well as a rare constant in this ever-changing world. This short film from The Perennial Plate tells White's story.

"I've made pies since I was big enough to get up to the table," White says in the film. "It wasn't something I learned after I was older; I did it all my life."

White goes on to detail the steps she takes to make a rhubarb-strawberry pie. Unlike some cooks, she isn't worried about anyone figuring out her recipe. "Now, I'm giving away all my secrets," White says. "Somebody else'll be making rhubarb-strawberry pie and claim they learned how to do it. Oh, I wouldn't care! I'd be happy if somebody else made a pie."