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Watch: The Best Way to Make a Banh Mi Is Silently

Crispy bread topped with pickled veggies and grilled chicken

Can't stand the Chatty Cathys on the Food Network? Tired of food vloggers' annoying instructions? Consider "Silently Cooking," a YouTube channel which offers video tutorials on a number of dishes, including a particularly inviting banh mi sandwich.

Without a talkative instructor to distract from the task at hand, the soothing sounds of slicing, dicing, stirring, searing, and pouring take center stage. Each step in the banh mi-making process — from pickling vegetables to stirring up sauce, broiling the baguette, and assemblage — is demonstrated clearly, and the recipe is listed below the video. But this is more about cooking as meditation than instruction. Between the sizzling sounds of chicken cooking and the slow chopping, slicing, and sandwich constructing, it's a mesmerizing view of sandwich making.