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Domino's New Burger Pizza Is Sadly Only Available in India Right Now

The two best foods are now one


There have been pizzas with burger toppings on them, but there has never been a pizza made into a burger — until now. For its latest food mashup Domino’s Pizza' new "burger pizza" is burger-sized, but features a pizza-style crust bun filled with melted cheese, according to Business Insider.

Domino’s India announced the pizza burger on its Facebook page with the tagline "looks like a burger, tastes like a pizza" alongside a photo of the new menu item. Instagram photos from customers who have sampled the pizza burger reveal that it comes in a small pizza box with herbs and spices on the bun.

The pizza burger comes in both meat and vegetarian options, FoodBeast reports. The final question we have is: How long until this pizza burger lands stateside? It might look like a mess but if its made with pizza ingredients it simply can't be bad.