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Watch: April Bloomfield Explains How to Make Perfect Vanilla Ice Cream

Topped with caramel and coffee salt

Summer's warmest days are arriving, which means there's no greater treat than a good bowl of ice cream. And even if it's vanilla, that doesn't mean it has to be dull. In this video from Mind of a Chef, April Bloomfield gives artisanal salt maker Ben Jacobsen a quick how-to on the subject.

Bloomfield claims to be a fan of caramel ice cream, so she whips up something that might satisfy that craving. "There's nothing like making your own ice cream, is there?" she asks Jacobsen in the video. "It's like making your own salt. It's, like, very satisfying."

Because homemade vanilla ice cream from an award-winning chef isn't enough, Bloomfield goes a couple of steps further for her toppings. She drizzles on caramel made with sugar, butter, and bourbon, and the frozen dessert is finished with a sprinkling of Jacobsen's Stumptown Coffee salt. That's sure to beat the heat on a sunny July day.