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Insane Man Wins Hot Wing and Hot Dog Eating Competitions in the Same Week

So many calories


Just a week after winning the coveted Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating title, competitive eater Joey Chestnut flexed his stomach muscles again to claim victory in the Hooters Worldwide Wing Eating Championship in Las Vegas.

The champion devoured 194 chicken wings in just 10 minutes, wining the competition for the fourth time (this is only the fifth Hooters wing competition ever) and taking home $8,500 in prize money.

Last week in Coney Island, Chestnut set a new record on the hot dog front, consuming 70 dogs and buns in just 10 minutes, as previously reported, and blowing away the competition. He bested second-place finisher and sometime winner Matt Stonie, who ate 53 hot dogs. Stonie also placed second in the Hooters' competition after eating 186 wings.

Chestnut is an icon of eating competitions, having won the Coney Island contest eight years in a row until he was dethroned last year. Incidentally, Chestnut holds 38 International Federation of Competitive Eating records.

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