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Pizza Hut Debuts an All-Emoji Menu in the UK

Words, they're useless

Provided by Pizza Hut Restaurants

Would you like a ham-emoji.0.pngpineapple-emoji.0.pngsurfer-emoji.0.png pizza? In its quest to triumph over competitor Domino's, Pizza Hut has released an all-emoji menu at select restaurants in the UK. A temporary menu at select Pizza Hut locations in the United Kingdom celebrates emojis by using the symbols to deconstruct pizza offerings, The Sun reports. A fully redesigned emoji menu made its debut at a handful of restaurants yesterday in honor of "World Emoji Day," and will remain in place until Sunday, July 17.

Pizza Hut Emoji Menu Courtesy Pizza Hut

Six restaurants in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Cardiff are currently offering the emoji-centric menu, though a regular Roman alphabet menu will be available as well. The most obvious translation uses a pineapple, a pig, and a surfer to represent a Hawaiian pizza, while a less clear menu item depicts a crown, a rooster, and a drumstick.

Emojis show no signs of diminishing in popularity, and with this promotion, Pizza Hut joins the list of pizza chains that have embraced emoji usage. Last year, Dominos introduced a system where customers could order pizza by tweeting the pizza emoji (with mixed results), and Papa John’s makes liberal use of the pizza emoji on Twitter. This is all part of a larger trend of pizza chains adopting technology and social media practices to promote their brands. Will Pizza Hut's emoji menu land stateside? The company has not yet ruled out the possibility.