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Anthony Bourdain, Pokemon Hunter; Draft Beer at 35,000 Feet

Five things to know today

Yes, this was definitely Photoshopped.
Yes, this was definitely Photoshopped.
Anthony Bourdain/Facebook

Happy Wednesday. In today's vital food news: Anthony Bourdain's very fictional Pokémon quest; a Dutch airline will soon serve beer on tap; one of the world's top chefs will combat food waste at the Rio Olympics; and how to tell if you're eating real Kobe beef.

— Anthony Bourdain has yet to weigh in on the culinary phenom that is Pokémon Go, but what if he was like, super into it? He'd probably write something like this about Pidgey (the bird creature that's been caught perching atop people's food):

A hipster pigeon has taken roost atop one of the kitchen cabinets. On its head sits a coiffure managing the delicate balance between just-woke-up and messy chic. To the extent that a beak can even sneer, this bird sneers down at me with self-congratulatory derision. Even I can see that this is the asshole of the Pokémon world.

— Speaking of Bourdain, he just added an NYC date to his upcoming live tour: Tickets to the November 22 performance at BAM Howard Gilman Opera House officially go on sale July 28, but you can snag 'em now using the presale code FOOD.

— In-flight draft beer will soon be a reality — for passengers on Dutch airline KLM, at least. Engineers at Heineken have specially engineered a beer tap for use at 35,000 feet, and it's set to debut in August.

— Massimo Bottura's restaurant Osteria Francescana was recently proclaimed number one in the world, but more impressive are his efforts to tackle the world's food waste problem. During the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio, the chef will operate a cafeteria that will repurpose leftovers from the Olympic Village to feed residents of the city's favelas for free.

— News flash: Those "Kobe beef sliders" at your local gastropub are almost certainly not Kobe. This pricey beef is shrouded in myth, mystery, and misinformation, but here's a helpful mini-guide to real Kobe (along with another oft-misused meat classification, Wagyu).

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