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Watch: What It's Like to Cook for a Major League Baseball Team

A Major League Baseball Chef Explains

Every day, chef Nigel Batson is tasked with making 25 ravenous professional baseball players happy. He is the executive chef for the Toronto Blue Jays and is responsible for fueling the players so they're energized and well-nourished for each game day.

His menus feature everything from pasta to chicken wraps, turkey burger sliders, gluten-free penne and rice, and a secret contraband item — Nutella. Batson started this gig when he was about 18 years old. He's worked through tough moments and ultimately befriended the players — he's become a key part of the team. Players sometimes text him on their way to the clubhouse with special requests, which he often obliges.

Batson admits that he's picked up some superstitions from hanging out with the players, noting, "If we lose and I make something, I'm definitely not making that again."

The players have superstitions and practices of their own, and Batson says he's seen some weird things, including a player who put mayonnaise on tomato basil pasta. Watch the full video, courtesy of Vice Sports, above.