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Oreos and Chocolate Chip Cookies Spawn a Sugary Lovechild

This is what happens when you put two types of cookies in a dark room together


Oreo just launched the latest edition in its never-ending cavalcade of limited-edition flavors and — unlike some previous flavors (lookin' at you, Blueberry Pie) — this one actually sounds pretty tasty. Mostly because it’s based on America’s other favorite cookie: chocolate chip.

The so-called "Choco Chip" Oreos are the brand's first foray into dual-flavored wafers — golden and chocolate — filled with chocolate chip cream. According to a press release, the flavor is meant "to bring back that warm, fuzzy feeling of your childhood home." Again, much like chocolate chip cookies (but sadly devoid of any opportunity to lick the beaters).

The newest flavor, which was released at the brand's Los Angeles Wonder Vault, will be available nationwide starting this week for a limited time (usually six to eight weeks, according to a spokesperson). The first flavor to be unveiled this year via the vault was cinnamon bun, which hit shelves in January; other iterations have included red velvet, s'mores, churro, brownie batter, and cotton candy.

Oreo’s getting awfully introspective with its recent flavor launches: It recently launched a Walmart-exclusive cookies and cream Oreo. Could more cookie-flavored Oreo cookies be yet to come? (Let’s hope oatmeal-raisin isn’t on the list.)

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