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This $2 Million Dinner Includes Personalized Diamond Chopsticks

Plus 18 courses and plenty of rare wines


Have you ever had $2 million burning a hole in your pocket and nothing to spend it on? It’s a terribly emasculating feeling. Thankfully, a Russian diamond mining group just announced the perfect way to spend all that pesky cash at once: a stupidly lavish package it’s touting as “the world’s most expensive dining experience.”

The 18-course meal facilitated by World of Diamonds will take place at Singapore restaurant/nightclub Ce La Vi, located atop the Marina Bay Sands luxury hotel — but first, the hideously overprivileged table of two has to get there: According to Forbes, that involves “a 45-minute helicopter ride over scenic Singapore, followed by a chauffeured Rolls-Royce drive and a private luxury cruise.”

The private rooftop dining area will be blanketed in 10,000 fresh roses, because the impeccably pedicured feet of the ultra-wealthy must never actually touch the floor. Forbes also says the privileged diners “will eat using diamond-studded chopsticks that have their names engraved in them,” which seems like a very thoughtful touch.

The menu will include classic rich people chow such as caviar, langoustine, wild salmon, oysters with Champagne foam, and a boatload of rare and/or vintage wines, some as many as 55 years old.

There’s also some take-home swag in the form of one highly extravagant piece of jewelry: a 2.08-carat Fancy Vivid Blue diamond ring (that is, for whatever reason, named for actress Jane Seymour). World of Diamonds claims the ring itself is valued at $2 million, meaning whoever shells out the cash for this experience is basically getting the thoroughly over-the-top dinner experience gratis — because if there’s one thing the ultra-wealthy need more of, it’s free stuff.