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Padma Lakshmi's Last Meal; Pokémon Are Invading Restaurants

Five things to chew on

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Yesterday was free Slurpee Day and today you can get a stack of pancakes at IHOP for 58 cents as well as free chicken at Chick-fil-A (if you dress up like a cow). On the other hand, Starbucks hiked prices today, so watch the cost of that venti soy caramel latte habit.

In other food news:

— Padma Lakshmi's last meal:

"I'd want to have a dinner party at my home in New York ... I'd prepare the food myself, with my mother, Vijaya, and my daughter, Krishna. I'm a pretty simple cook, but I don't like rushing - I want to enjoy cooking - so being well prepared when doing a dinner party is important to me.

On the menu, there would be fried masala chicken, marinated in buttermilk, sea salt and sugar, then battered with Indian spices and chilli. There'd be rice, with black beans and spices. And there'd be lots of veg: fire-roasted corn with chilli, lemon and salt; sweet potatoes with cinnamon, maple syrup and butter, lots of black pepper; a mixed veg ratatouille with Indian spices; kale with green apple and pomegranate seeds."

— Seamless and Grubhub now let you more specifically complain about restaurants.

—'s Ezra Klein interviewed Patrick Brown, the CEO and founder of Impossible Foods, a company that has invented a burger replacement. Klein says his taste of the burger was "life-changing." Brown explains what a greater swath of testers thought: "We have a lot of data from a large kind of consumer test that we did a few months ago, with 600 burger eaters in four cities around the country. We gave them our burger and asked, 'If you could choose between this and the burger that you've been buying at the same price, which would you choose?' and they choose ours by two to one..."

— Pokémon are invading poké restaurants. Spot one? Tell us about it.

— Prince Charles is opening a pop-up restaurant to help flood victims in Aberdeenshire.

— Finally, here are some ice cream sundaes at Morgenstern's in New York City: