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Naked Diners Eat Free at Berlin Restaurant

No shirt, no pants, no problem

Flickr/Carole Raddato

A new crop of restaurants geared toward diners who want to dine in the buff is growing: Travel + Leisure reports a Berlin eatery called The Black Cat recently offered free meals to guests who dined sans clothes.

Customers at the restaurant were also reportedly greeted by a "nude Playboy model waitress" (because dining in the nude doesn’t require enough courage already, now we also have to do it next to a professional nude model). The gimmick was apparently part of Venus, Berlin’s annual erotic fair.

In a Facebook post dated July 4 and translated from German, the restaurant announced that it was offering "free food but only for those who take your clothes off," adding "PS: some of you we don't want to see naked..."

According to the Daily Mail, guests also had the option of going half-nude — i.e. taking their tops off — which came with a free drink in lieu of a full meal.

Judging by photos posted to its Facebook page, the restaurant specializes in burgers, some of which look quite messy. No word on whether or not napkins were allowed during the all-nude event.

Perhaps surprisingly, naked restaurants seem to be growing in popularity — though that doesn’t make them any less ridiculous. Earlier this year, some 46,000 people added their names to the waitlist at a nude pop-up in London. A similar nude pop-up launched in Australia in May; meanwhile, one slated to hit Tokyo later this month has strict age and weight restrictions.