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UK Government Wants to Protect British Foods in Brexit Wake

Save the pasties


Thanks to Brexit, the future of authentic clotted cream, pork pies, and Cornish pasties hangs in the balance — that is, unless legislators work to protect them from lesser imitations.

iNews reports "the [UK] government is considering introducing a new law which would give famous British foods such as Wensleydale cheese and Cornish clotted cream legal protection from the threat of cheap imitation products once the UK leaves the EU."

Currently, 74 British food and drink products are legally protected against imitation throughout the EU. That framework gives legal protection to terms such as Cornish Pasty and Melton Mowbray pork pies in order to stop inferior products from being sold under those names.

Once the UK leaves the EU, though, those protections would become subject to exit negotiations — and as iNews notes, specialty food producers are concerned that their businesses "could be undermined by ‘knock off’ products made in different parts of the country unless a replacement British scheme is created." British Environment Secretary Liz Truss said she would like to see the UK develop a "British protected food name status" to ensure the viability of those products in the future.

Meanwhile, Brexit's effects on other aspects of the food and beverage industry are only beginning to be felt: Some high-end restaurants are already feeling the pinch as fears of a recession have slowed business, and UK wine lovers fear sipping imported wines could soon come with a considerably higher price tag.