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The Top 13 Stories on Eater Last Week

Here's what you missed

Eric Thayer/Getty Images

Last week someone, somehow ate 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes, NBA star Kevin Durant faced the wrath of angry Yelpers, Starbucks prematurely, accidentally raised prices, and cooks in kitchens across the country shared how they handle the summer heat. Don't miss roving Eater restaurant editor Bill Addison's latest review, on Del Posto in New York City. Here's the food news everyone is still talking about:

1. How Chefs and Line Cooks Beat the Heat

2. Angry Basketball Fans Lash Out at Kevin Durant's Restaurant via Yelp

3. Watch: A $400 Sushi Experience That's Worth It

4. The 9 Hottest New Restaurants in Pittsburgh Right Now

5. Watch: Can Gordon Ramsay Reform a Vegetarian With Filet Mignon?

6. Starbucks Is Raising Prices by as Much as 30 Cents on Certain Drinks

7. The Tortilla Towel Transforms Any Human Into Delicious Mexican Food

8. Del Posto Is ​America's​ High Church of Pasta

9. Kale-Eating Contest Proves Kale Is Just as American as Hot Dogs

10. Recipe: No-Churn Cherry Ice Cream

11. Why Booze Labels Need to Change

12. One Bunch of Grapes Just Sold for $11,000 in Japan

13. Joey Chestnut Devours 70 Hot Dogs in 10 Minutes, Setting New Record