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Spit-Roast a Whole Pig For a Game of Thrones-Style Feast

With an apple in it's mouth and all

It's only been about a week since the season six finale last Sunday night, but Game of Thrones fans everywhere are already bemoaning the long, dragon-free summer (winter?) ahead. Coming to the rescue in their usual delicious fashion are our friends at ChefSteps, who happen to be big Thrones fans themselves. Watch the video above and check out the corresponding recipes on the ChefSteps website to see the GoT-inspired, all-out Medieval feast that co-founder Grant Crilly prepared for his team.

While Crilly himself is not a Game of Thrones fan, he is a huge champion of inventive home cooking, which in Medieval terms means sous-vide and then spit-roasting a whole pig in front of his basement fireplace, complete with an apple in its mouth. It's a serious undertaking, but nothing a home cook can't tackle with few simple tools — perhaps to celebrate the first episode of season seven next year.

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