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This Week in Eater: Chips and Salsa Fist Fight and a Cereal Bar in Times Square

Plus other stories you may have missed

Times Square's fancy new cereal bar
Times Square's fancy new cereal bar
Nick Solares


Insanely popular NYC food cart The Halal Guys is on a national franchising tear, and its chicken and rice platters smothered in white sauce are slated to hit Atlanta as soon as September. (On the docket for July: Dallas.)


Texas is serious about its Tex-Mex, but a fist fight over chips and salsa? Yeah, that happened, and fortunately(?) it was all captured on film.


Australian chef and sometimes-Top Chef host Curtis Stone just opened a Hollywood butcher shop, and here's a look inside. It's part of his new restaurant Gwen — named for his grandmother — and it specializes in whole-animal butchery, Australian-raised Wagyu beef, and cheffy stuff like terrines and charcuterie.


Times Square is getting an automat-style cereal restaurant. "When is a bowl of Kellogg's cereal worth $7.50?" you may understandably be asking yourself. When it's "curated" by Milk Bar queen Christina Tosi, of course. (Or not.)


Cult-favorite Japanese beer Hitachino Nest (that's the one with the cute owl on the label) is opening its first U.S. izakaya in July. Located in the Tendernob, it will have 10 exclusive brews on tap, plus sake, local wine, and snacks served in jars.