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Watch Stephen Colbert and Sturgill Simpson Start a Party at Waffle House

Colbert's stunt comes full circle

Fun fact: Stephen Colbert grew up in South Carolina and used to go to one particular Waffle House in Charleston as a young, reckless high school kid. Earlier this year, he learned Waffle House locations had jukeboxes. Then he found out Waffle House had its own record label. It was only a matter of time then before Colbert — who has a pleasant singing voice — decided to record his own song about Waffle House, for Waffle House. A couple of months ago, he partnered with Country star Sturgill Simpson for "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Knuckleheads," a song that lays out some ground rules for those who wish to dine at Waffle House: "If you want to be a drunken mess, you better do it at brunch" because "these are world-famous waffles son, now show some respect."

Watch Colbert give Simpson a piggy back ride into the Waffle House he used to eat at as a kid. The two crash a few other tables, ask patrons uncomfortable questions — "Are you guys high?" and "Does the carpet match the drapes?" — before donning Waffle House uniforms to bust some "knuckleheads." Finally, they find the jukebox and play their song, which starts a party in the kitchen and on the dining room floor. Watch the full clip above to see Colbert serve patrons, play hacky sack with a waffle, bust some moves, build a house out of waffles, and make an enormous mess all while the song plays on.