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Visiting 44 Farms, Where America's Tastiest Cows Are Made

Don’t stress out the bulls

This week on The Meat Show — Eater Video’s web series hosted by Eater NY editor and professional carnivore Nick Solares — the crew visits 44 Farms, a cattle ranch 70 miles outside of Austin that is the source of some of the best and most highly regarded Black Angus beef in the country.

44 Farms opened in 1909, and while its processes reflect the latest developments in cattle ranching, its mission has stayed the same for over 100 years: to provide consumers with the highest quality steak possible, both by raising cattle in-house on an enormous property in Cameron, Texas, and by helping other cattle ranchers elsewhere in the U.S. to raise animals of equal caliber. On the 44 Farms ranch and at each of the company's ranch partners, animals are raised hormone-, antibiotic-, and feed additive-free, and are permitted to roam and graze openly. But the base ranch in Cameron operates only as a home for seed stock; through its popular genetics program known as Angus Strong, 44 Farms allows the genetic excellence of its bulls to be integrated into herds across the country and the world, expanding 44's reach and raising the bar for quality beef. Watch the video above to learn more.

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