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What Presidents Ate; Food Tech Conference Hits NYC

Eight things to know right now

Cynthia Johnson/Getty Images

Happy Thursday, also known as 48 hours before the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, Silicon Valley is dropping into Silicon Alley (NYC's tech scene) for Food Loves Techa three-day expo featuring exhibits and talks addressing the future of farming; how technology is influencing food development and production; innovations in home gardening; and gadgets to inject ease and excitement into cooking at home. Think: 3D printers, VR dining experiences, and home appliances that haven't hit the market yet. Tickets here.

In other news, Amazon Fresh launches in London; Alton Brown declares a new favorite restaurant in LA; the West Coast is still enamored with cat cafes and pop-up restaurants, nitro coffee hits Canada; and more.

— Curious about the favorite foods of presidents past? Business Insider has a new list that reveals Truman liked his steaks well-done; Eisenhower liked fudge; JFK enjoyed clam chowder; and Nixon famously liked cottage cheese. Bill Clinton liked ice cream, but maybe not as much as current VP Joe Biden does. FDR is not included in this list, but in case you were wondering, he doesn't list milk among his favorite foods.

— Amazon's grocery delivery service has launched in London.

— Quick Alton Brown update:

— In other LA news, a cat cafe alert: The city's first cat cafe opens this fall and will charge patrons by the minute.

— Nitro coffee, the newest trend in craft coffee, has crossed the border into Canada.

— Pop-up restaurants are still a big deal in San Francisco. Here's why.

— Philly's Federal Donuts continues its expansion streak into Miami. New Yorkers are verklempt as an NYC location has not been announced.