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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Say what you will about Domino's pizza, but the company is relentless in its pursuit of innovation — and unlike Pizza Hut, that innovation doesn't involve shoving increasingly more random items inside pizza crusts. Fresh off unveiling its plans for pizza delivery robots, the Australia-based division of the company will now keep tabs on its customers' movements via satellite, Bloomberg reports.

While this might sound awfully creepy and Big Brother-y, Domino's intentions are (seemingly) good: The company just wants customers' pizzas to be as hot and fresh as possible. As Bloomberg explains, "Customers in Australia who use smartphones to order pick-up pizzas can choose to be followed by Domino’s tracking system. They can also specify whether they’re coming on foot, on bike or by car." The restaurant won't start cooking their order until "the map shows customers are within range," ensuring that the food isn't wilting away in a cardboard box for an extended period of time.

The company insists "Customers are only tracked for the period of the order and aren’t followed for any other purpose."

Other recent Domino's innovations include the capabilities to order food via emojismartwatch, or a "zero-click" mobile app.