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Someone Invented Chocolate That's 50 Percent Beef


Kevin Gessner/Flickr

Meaty desserts became decidedly trendy by the end of the mid-aughts, with even Jack in the Box hopping on the bandwagon to launch a limited-time-only (thank goodness) bacon milkshake in 2012. Now, according to Death & Taxes, a New Zealand chocolatier is attempting to one-up every other meat dessert with the introduction of an eyebrow-raising new product: chocolate that is at least 50 percent beef.

This protein-packed sweet is brought to you by Auckland-based Devonport Chocolates. According to, lean cuts of beef are turned into a so-called "chocolate butter" before being enrobed in more chocolate. The end product is reportedly reminiscent of Turkish delight, the chewy, sugary confection that most of us have probably only read about in the Chronicles of Narnia — that is to say, the meat is supposedly imperceptible in flavor or texture, which raises the question, "What the hell is the point?"

The beefy chocolate's inventor says he wanted to find out if "the nutritional qualities of meat could be added to common foods such as chocolate"; the end result has a protein content somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 percent.

Beef is one of New Zealand's biggest exports, but considering the huge impact raising cattle has on the environment, it seems more than a little flippant to actively search for new foods to quietly slip red meat into — especially as other companies are hard at work on sustainable protein alternatives.

Not into bovine? Don't worry, the company is also working on venison and lamb versions. Yay.