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Watch: A Drone Captures the Beauty of an Atlantic Oyster Farm


The oyster is a delicious and efficient snack. All you have to do to enjoy the bivalve is pull it out of the water, pry open its shell, and slurp it down. It's beautiful. As some wild populations suffer, farming is an increasingly prevalent way to keep supply in line with demand. And as this video shows, a farming operation can be just as breathtaking as the oyster itself.

Island Creek Oysters is located in Duxbury, Mass., about 35 miles south of Boston. The Island Creek crew recently acquired a drone, and as the video's description says, "it's pretty sweet." The flying robot captures some stunning views of the farm and Duxbury Bay, where Island Creek oystermen harvest the shellfish day in and day out. The scenes provided by the drone's camera are almost enough to make you smell the salty air and feel the water spray on your face.