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The butter knife: It's a simple tool that's gone relatively unchanged for thousands of years. Until recently, that is. Lately, creative minds around the world have been tinkering with the butter knife in an attempt to make its lone function — spreading butter — a little bit easier. Now, a British-based company believes it has revolutionized the tool. EasiSpread is a heated butter knife that promises to warm the butter to a point where it spreads easily over bread without clumping or ripping the slice, according to The Verge.

We're not talking margarine or butter substitutes here. This knife is primed for those bricks of cold butter. "Push the button and within five seconds, the blade heats up and will soften, but not melt the butter," the company website reads.

EasiSpread butter knife Facebook/EasiSpread

The company plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign on July 1 and is currently offering a 25 percent discount for those who sign up now online. A previous Kickstarter campaign attempted to change the butter-spreading game with a knife-grater combination that supposedly made butter shockingly spreadable.

ButterUp Facebook/ButterUp

The EasiSpread blade is detachable from the handle — designed for easy cleaning — and the company plans to offer additional attachments in the future (think heated ice cream scoop). The company has been a finalist in gadget shows and small business competitions.

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