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Whirlpool’s Home Brewer, Vessi Fermentor, Brews Beer in a Week

Another at-home beer brewing appliance is coming to a store near you

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Screenshot/Vessi Fermentor

For anyone who has ever experienced a chemistry nightmare in the form of skunk-y or exploding home-brewed beer, Whirlpool wants to simplify the process and cut down the fermentation waiting period between brewing and drinking. The Vessi Beer Fermentor and Dispenser is an all-in-one brewing system that promises to ferment, carbonate, and dispense beer in seven days, according to Mashable.

A team of people working for W Labs, which is a division of Whirlpool, developed the technology behind the Vessi device and launched an Indiegogo campaign. The project met its goal of $100,000. (Why a company like Whirlpool would crowd source funds is another story altogether.) The system has one tank, and inside it the beer is mixed and fermented. A week later it's ready to be dispensed. But as for how it tastes, no one knows. The product has not been tested with the general public, so it's hard to say if it's worth the investment.

The Vessi is designed to cut down on the various contamination risks associated with fermenting — not to mention the time it takes — but it leaves the creativity to the brewer to make the wort (the liquid extracted from the mashing process) that gets introduced to the machine. The unit is sealable and brewers can set the levels of fermentation pressure and temperature to achieve the desired effect. There's a built-in system for removing sediment from the beer, and the Vessi is equipped with bottling and kegging ports. It stands 36 inches tall and weighs about 150 pounds.

This fermentor costs about $1,400 for early bird contributors to the Indiegogo campaign, and the product could ship as soon as December 2016 if all goes according to plan. Meanwhile, other manufacturers are getting in on the home-brewing business, including SodaStream, which has developed a product called Beer BarPicoBrew, which is being called the Keurig of home brewing, and uses pods to make batches of beer.