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Tattoos require commitment, and one true American demonstrated his deep feelings for a chocolate chip cookie recipe by getting it tattooed on his leg. A Reddit user in Minnesota posted a photo after meeting this tattooed man at a breast cancer charity walk, Metro writes.

The user, Rudecarp, shared a photo of the man's leg, which boasts a neatly scripted list of the necessary ingredients and a single line of directions: "Bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes."

Rudecarp went on to test out the recipe and shared a photo of how they turned out, and they look pretty goodMind you, the leg recipe doesn't offer specific instructions as to the mixing order, so if anyone's tempted to give the recipe ago, it may be helpful to consult a more detailed set of instructions for guidance.

Either way, the tattoo is some serious dedication to a tried-and-true cookie recipe and certainly falls in the category of "quirky things people will do to show their love for food." In Houston, the owner of the Pi Pizza Truck started a #FreePizzaForLife promotion for people who got Pi Pizza-themed tattoos, and in 2014 a woman in the UK landed a similar free food deal for getting a tattoo of a local curry house.