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Hillary Clinton Gets Her Own Burger; Anthony Bourdain Is Pals With Ted Nugent

Five things to know today

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Dominating today's news is Hillary Clinton. Love her or hate her, just know she has her own hot sauce, pizza, and now, burger. Thanks to Del Frisco's Grille, a regional chain with just over 20 locations across the country, Hillary has a namesake burger described only as "classified." (Spoiler: It's actually a lamb burger with roasted tomato, arugula, and house-made tzatziki, plus of course hot sauce.) Do check out the well-done Donald, too.

In other news:

— Random Anthony Bourdain update: He's proud to be friends with musician and famous bigot Ted Nugent. When he last dined with his new pal President Obama, he asked POTUS if that was cool: "I said, 'Look ... despite the fact that Ted Nugent and I disagree on absolutely everything, and about 98% of what comes out of his mouth is deeply offensive to me, it is a point of pride for me that I enjoy spending time with Ted Nugent." Bourdain says that he explained to the Prez that "We have barbecue in common and a few other things. Is that ok?" to which Obama apparently replied, "Absolutely." Says Bourdain: "Considering the things that Ted Nugent has said about him, which are shameful and horrible, I admire that." Make of this what you will.

— According to a new interview with Gordon Ramsay, he's a fan of Chelsea Handler's new show on Netflix, Bon Appétit editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport, and surprisingly, food bloggers: "I love food blogs. I think that bloggers have sort of knocked the arrogance of food critics in a way. On the back of the blogging phenomenon, we set up a 'mystery shopper' program in our restaurants where once or twice a week, we'll have a blogger come in unannounced and get their feedback. It keeps everyone on their tiptoes."

— Philly favorite Federal Donuts is opening a location in Nashville, according to Eater Nashville.

— In related Philly news, the city's mayor has secured the votes needed to pass a tax on sugary soft drinks. Is Philly the new Berkeley?

— Finally, today in book deals: Eater's own Drinks Editor Kat Odell is writing a book on low ABV cocktails. Titled Day Drinking, it's "a celebratory collection of more than 50 recipes for delectable low-alcohol cocktails like micheladas, spritzes, mimosas, and more." Workman Press plans to publish the book next spring.

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