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Food & Wine Unveils Its 2016 Restaurants of the Year

'Tis the season

Death and Taxes in Raleigh, North Carolina
Death and Taxes in Raleigh, North Carolina
Nick Pironio

This morning Food & Wine took readers to Listicle Town, revealing its 2016 Restaurants of the Year. This year's selections range from fast food to fine dining, and unlike, say, GQ's best new restaurant picks, considerable thought has been given to geographic diversity, with NYC, LA, and SF having just one restaurant each.

F&W's Restaurants of the Year list was introduced just last year; historically, the mag has focused more on lauding chefs than specific restaurants (see: its annual Best New Chefs list, which are featured in the July issue).

While 2015's list included five restaurants, this year they've doubled down with 10 (unranked, or so it would seem) picks. While the list includes some expected critical darlings including New Orleans' highly acclaimed Shaya, Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi's fast food game-changer LocoL, and Ashley Christensen's Death and Taxes in Raleigh, there are also a couple lesser-known picks, including a restaurant located inside a Minneapolis craft brewery.

Here's the full list:

High Street on Hudson, NYC
Death and Taxes, Raleigh, NC
Cala, San Francisco
Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio, Chicago
Brewer's Table at Surly Brewing, Minneapolis
Shaya, New Orleans
Locol, LA
The Dabney, DC
Launderette, Austin
Townsman, Boston

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