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Deep-Fried Water Is the Dish America Deserves

Crispy and thirst-quenching

Whether it's chicken at a soul food restaurant or a Twinkie at a state fair, Americans love just about anything that's been deep-fried. But how far does that love go? Apparently it's limitless, because someone has taken the time to figure out how to deep-fry water.

Munchies notes this innovative chef named Jonathan Marcus used calcium alginate to suspend the water in a gelatinous membrane, and he then coated it in flour, egg, and panko. After letting the battered water ball spend a few minutes in 375-degree peanut oil, he cracked open the crispy shell to find the successfully deep-fried water inside. Unfortunately, it sounds like the dish won't be winning any culinary awards: "That is the blandest fried thing I've ever tasted," Marcus says in the video.

In addition to the blandness of the finished product, there's another issue with deep-fried water. "This is potentially very dangerous," reads the video's description. "If water leaks out while the sphere is frying in hot oil, it may explode, sending scalding oil everywhere." So don't expect this to become the next big food trend.