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Keurig's $300 Soda Machines Are a Thing of the Past


Remember those $300 soda machines Keurig unveiled last year? The ones that were seemingly more difficult (and expensive) than just buying soda and twisting the top off? The ones with the Kardashian-like alliterative name — Keurig KOLD? That experiment appears to have been nearly as short-lived as a Kardashian Snapchat video. Today, the company announced that it is discontinuing the first generation of the KOLD product and offering consumers a full refund on the machines.

The device, which launched in 2015, made single servings of cold beverages like seltzer water, iced tea, and sodas such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Dr. Pepper. The machine retailed for between $299 and $369.99. Factoring in the price of the pods (which sell for $1.12 to $1.25) the cost was more expensive than the cost of purchasing a case of soda at the grocery store. The size — which has been compared to that of a "very large crockpot" — was a hindrance, as well. And then there's the necessity of the thing which, let's be honest, is nil.

When reached for comment, a KEURIG spokesperson told Eater that the launch was a "pioneering execution," and the company plans to build what it learned from the failed experiment "into future beverage systems." Below, the full statement:

We view our initial KOLD system launch as a pioneering execution. We learned a lot - including that consumers are willing to embrace the concept of a system that delivers fresh-made, cold beverages in the home - and we'll build our learnings into future beverage systems. After careful review and consideration though, we are discontinuing the first generation of Keurig KOLD as of today and we are offering consumers a refund for the full purchase price of their KOLD drinkmakers.

We know that the success of our products is fundamentally rooted in the trust and support of our consumers and their willingness to embrace our innovations and we are grateful to all of our consumers who have supported our company in the innovation of single-serve beverages. Reimagining how beverages can be created, personalized and enjoyed will continue to guide Keurig's strategy into the future.