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Your Guide to All Those Hard-to-Pronounce Food Words

Don't worry, friends, we've got you covered

[Dollar Slice from Krust Pizza by Nick Solares] Nick Solares

Oh menus, so full of words. A survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Open Table revealed that more than half of all diners (or at least, more than half of the 2,000 or so individuals surveyed) are unfamiliar with menu words like "okonomiyaki," "semifreddo," and "gochujang" — and they've made a cool interactive to help demystify them.

But does it go far enough? There are plenty more words and phrases diners see all the time on menus, and certainly no one wants anyone to say them wrong. So we've put together a handy guide to some that seem to have been left off OpenTable's list. Need help on something we don't have listed here? Hit us up in the comments and we'll help you make sure you don't for one second look like you don't know exactly what you're doing.

Ancient grains breakfast bowl (ayn-chent-grayn-zbrek-fəst-bohl)

Avocado toast (ah-voh-cah-doh toh-st)

Bowl of Cheerios (boh-luv-chee-ree-ohz)

Braised pork belly (brayz-d-pohrk-beh-lee)

Breakfast burrito (brek-fəst-buh-ree-toe)

Cacio e pepe (un-cree-a-təve)

Chili cheese dog (chil-eech-eezd-awg)

Cheese slice and a coke (cheez-sly-sand-a-kohk)

Cold brew (kohld-broo)

Craft beer (kraft-beehr)

Custom Pat LaFrieda blend (kus-tum-patlah-free-dah-blehnd)

Gluten-free koign amman (gloo-ten-free-kwee-nah-mon)

Grilled cheese sandwich (Grihld-chee-zand-whitch)

House-made pickles (how-smayd-pih-kells)

Hedley and Bennett apron (hed-lee-yand-ben-net-ape-run)

Kimchi taco (kihm-chee-tah-coh)

Mason jar parfait (may-sohn-jahr-pahr-fay)

McDonald's dollar menu (mick-donn-əlds-doll-ehr-men-you)

Montreal-style bagel and cream cheese (mon-tree-awl-sty-uhl-bay-ghəl-ənd-kreem-cheez)

Roasted brussels sprouts with sriracha (roh-stəhd-bruh-sellz-prowtz-with-sree-rah-chah)

Salted caramel ice cream (sahl-ted-kah-rah-mell-aye-skreem)

Side of fries for the table (sy-duv-fraiz-for-thə-tay-bull)

Turkey sandwich (tur-kees-and-whitch)

Wood-fired pizza (whəd-fie-erd-pee-tzah)

Whiskey neat (wiss-kee-neet)

Additional reporting by Matt Kang, Hillary Dixler, Helen Rosner, and Sonia Chopra

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