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Deep-Fried Twinkies at Walmart; Amazon Prime Restaurant Delivery Expands

Five things to know right now

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A cocktail at Bellota in SF
A cocktail at Bellota in SF
Eater SF

Happy Tuesday, which is just about two-fifths of the way through the traditional Monday through Friday work week. Consider this: Hostess is selling packaged deep-fried Twinkies at Walmart. This feels like everything that is wrong with America, in a perfect red, white, and blue-branded box. Will the company change the name of this product to "America"? Donald Trump can dream.

— The bots are coming: Another food ordering bot has arrived, this one from Wingstop. NRN reports that the bot is available for both Twitter and Facebook users. Social media users can can order, customize, and pay using Facebook messenger and Twitter. To use, customers tweet "order" or "#order," or direct message Wingstop via Facebook Messenger. It's an automatic process made possible by a developer based in Dallas called Conversable Inc... And it sounds ripe for some sort of credit card security breach.

— There is a hot dog princess in all of us.

— Amazon Prime restaurant delivery is now available (and free for Prime subscribers!) in Miami and Atlanta.

— In 1928, one of the greatest writers of the century, F. Scott Fitzgerald sat down to conjugate the word "cocktail," thereby turning a noun into a verb and underlining the go-go '20s just before the stock market crash of 1929. Excerpted from the book, Lists of Note, it's a fine exercise. Brush up on your party-ready grammar:

Present: I cocktail, thou cocktail, we cocktail, you cocktail, they cocktail.
Imperfect: I was cocktailing.
Perfect or past definite: I cocktailed.
Past perfect: I have cocktailed.
Conditional: I might have cocktailed.
Pluperfect: I had cocktailed.
Subjunctive: I would have cocktailed.
Voluntary subjunctive: I should have cocktailed.
Preterit: I did cocktail.

— Finally, what it's like to have sushi with Elijah Wood: