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Find Meaty, Asian-Inspired Food Behind a Bar in Austin

Chef Raymond Tatum is an Austin institution

Raymond Tatum is a lifer as far as Austin chefs go. The 65-year-old chef has cooked everywhere from the sleaziest of dives to area fine dining establishments like Jeffrey’s, where he developed a taste for traditional French techniques as well as Asian spices. His newest project is called Three Little Pigs, a trailer in the back patio area of the Aristocrat Lounge bar on Burnet Road, an unassuming setting that's perfect for a cult following.

The bar itself isn’t much to write home about, but Tatum’s food makes the backyard worth a visit. His global, pork-centric cuisine is somehow both familiar and unique. Join host Lucas Peterson as he tries food that’s as close to chef-driven as he’s ever eaten during this series: dishes include short ribs, fried pork belly, meatloaf wrapped in bacon, and fried venison sausage.

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Three Little Pigs

1209 Rosewood Ave, Austin, TX 78702 (512) 653-5088 Visit Website