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Watch Stephen Colbert Explain the Whopperito, Burger King's Newest Mash-Up

Help us all

Back after a week-long vacation, comedian Stephen Colbert started last night's Late Show with an acknowledgement of Burger King's newest menu item, the Whopperito, "I love the King, it's my favorite food-based authoritarian government... ever since they started making dictatortots."

He then explains the new food item: "It combines — prepare yourself — a Whopper and a burrito... called the Whopperito... It's great if you love both of those foods and hate yourself." Acknowledging that the combination of a burger and a burrito might be more than just a gut buster of a thing, Colbert deadpans, "Really sounds more like a suicide pack more than anything else."

Of note, the burger company is also testing out Whopper hot dogs, which, frankly, sound far less exciting than a thing called a Whopperito. Unfortunately, the company is only selling these burger burritos in Pennsylvania for now. Nevertheless, Colbert notes: "If you're highly motivated and wanting to get some place super quick... then you're not the target market for the Whopperito."