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'Mortal Kombat' Beer Is Here to Capitalize on Your Video Game Nostalgia

These brews surely pack a punch


Iconic '90s fighting video game Mortal Kombat has already been made into a few television series and films, and soon it will be recreated as an alcoholic beverage. Global Beverage Traders has announced it is launching a beer series that toasts Mortal Kombat X, which was released for Xbox and Playstation in 2015.

Each beer in the limited-edition series is available in a 22-ounce bottle, and they can be purchased online. GBT is selling three distinct brews: an imperial IPA, imperial saison, and imperial stout. The announcement describes each in detail.

  • Sub-Zero Imperial IPA (8.5 percent abv): "Refreshingly cooling on a warm day, an imperial India Pale Ale that's not all about the hops or the malt but is a whole lot of both fighting it out for your palate's supremacy. Drink icy for more of the hops or warmer for more malt."
  • Raiden Imperial Saison (8 percent abv): "This amped up imperial saison has a blast of hops and CO2 that will hit your tongue with a bang. The aroma jumps out of the glass with its earthly and herbal notes not far behind."
  • Scorpion Imperial Stout (8 percent abv): "A unique blend for great imperial stout brings both fire and ice into your glass. The fiery southwest chilies and cooling Madagascar vanilla bean pair nicely with the exotic notes produced by our own yeast strain."

The beers were concocted at Sound Brewery in Poulsbo, Wash., and they're all named after male Mortal Kombat characters. Should one consider walking away from an open bottle before consuming all of its contents, no doubt someone will step in and demand the drinker to "finish him!"