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David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess Get Cooking in AMC's 'Feed the Beast'

There's even a Searzall cameo

AMC has already conquered zombies, the 1960s advertising world, and a chemistry teacher-turned-meth kingpin; now, the network has taken on the New York restaurant world. Feed the Beast stars David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess as Tommy and Dion, two friends who decide to open an upscale Greek restaurant in the Bronx.

Schwimmer/Tommy is a sommelier, while Sturgess/Dion plays a hot-headed chef who's just been released from prison (natch). Of course, this is television, so the restaurant drama will reach far beyond food costs and illicit walk-in makeout sessions between staffers — think mob violence and corrupt city officials.

In this clip, Dion hits the kitchen to prove to Tommy that they should open a restaurant, and Sturgess clearly had some legit kitchen training judging by the way he tosses that saucepan of fennel. (Fun cameo: As a final step before plating, Dion hits his protein with a Searzall, the nifty blowtorch tool from cocktail wizard Dave Arnold.)

The second episode of Feed the Beast debuts Tuesday night in its regular 10 p.m. EST/PST time slot; catch an encore presentation of the pilot right before that at 9 p.m.