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Elsie Hui/Flickr

Japan loves to unnecessarily anoint food with precious metals. There are Kit Kats covered in gold, the world's priciest ramen garnished with gold leaf, and even fro-yo with a gold topping. Now, McDonald's Japan is giving away a solid gold McNugget.

It's part of the chain's new advertising campaign featuring a villainous new character named Kaito McNugget, reports the Huffington Post; the "nugget-crazed villain" wears an alarmingly yellow suit and apparently has made a career out of stealing dipping sauces. (Does he work with the Hamburglar?)

McDonald's Kaito McDonald's Japan

Customers are being encouraged to tweet Kaito's whereabouts with a designated hashtag when they run into him; according to the company, he could pop up at various McDonald's locations or "throw out a ceremonial first pitch for a professional baseball game." One lucky winner will be the recipient of the solid 18 karat gold McNugget, which is said to be worth $2,000 and would make one hell of a necklace.

Behold the new McDonald's Japan commercial starring the strange nugget villain below; it's certainly more entertaining than the cheesy ba da ba ba ba stuff we get here in the U.S., at least. (Fun fact: That earworm jingle was in fact written by rapper Pusha T.)